Branding isn’t about your ego. It’s about letting your customers know how you can add value to their lives. It’s loving your customers and having them love you too. It’s less “Me, me, me!” and more “How can I help you today?”. How do we know? Simple, we’re customers too! And that’s why today, we want to help you get your branding and social media ego in check, so you can start a meaningful, lifelong relationship with your customers!



Together with you, we’ll do a deep analysis of your branding direction, and the effectiveness of your social media channels in communicating your message. We’ll talk about your brand personality, how it relates to your clients, how it all ties in with your products, and more. We’ll also be going into your social media use, hashtags, responsiveness, and how to really use your channels well. But it doesn’t end there, after the workshop, we’ll spend an hour a week for a month catching up with you to make sure everything’s in order.


Interested in creating a new website or making your current one even better? Talk to us here and let’s figure something. Prices vary according to how much work you’re looking for.


Hello =)


We’re Kai and Olivia. Kai has been in the branding and advertising scene for 10 years now, starting his career in Y&R Singapore and WILD, before moving to Sweden to work with Adentity. He also started the online magazine Buddha Mag and has published his first book Rainbow Warrior Handbook. His approach to branding is a simple one – keep it simple, no bullshit, and 100% honesty.

Olivia can be considered a social media influencer in the surfing and travel world. Her passion translates directly to a warm, personal approach to her followers at Trawave, taking care to make sure that she engages each and everyone in her brand story. To her, social media is super important to every brand and she wants to share with you everything she knows.



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